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Hate Crimes
Title Book: Hate Crimes
ISBN 10: 9780803945425
ISBN 13: 0803945426
Publisher : SAGE
Category : Psychology / Interpersonal Relations
Languages : en (Available in All Languages)
Pages : 310

Télécharger Hate Crimes livre PDF et EPUB gratuitement. This powerful book portrays the trauma of anti-gay violence and will stimulate thought, research and action on the problem.

Developed from a special issue of the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, it presents an overview of the problem, discusses the context of anti-gay violence, focuses on both victims and perpetrators and concludes with coverage of a variety of community responses across the nation. Topics covered include the social psychology of bigotry, treatment and service interventions and mental health consequences. Each section opens with a survivor's actual story - first person accounts - to give the reader insight into the reality of this serious social problem.